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Why are "Champion Bloodlines" important for "just a pet"?

Many pet buyers do not care if a dog has a champion bloodline. It takes a lot of work and dedication to make a dog a Champion or Grand Champion.  The presence of each "Ch." on a pedigree represents a dog that is sound in mind and body.  Each show dog must be sound, i.e. not be lame, blind nor deaf and it must be reproductively healthy. Even more importantly, a bad tempered dog is unlikely to become a champion. If a dog growls in the ring it will be excused, and if it bites, it will be permanently disqualified from competition. Each dog must tolerate several judges (strangers to the dog, most likely) handling it's body without growling or biting. This is a good test of temperament, and gives you a better chance of getting a sound, good-tempered pet.   

A champion should be an excellent specimen of the breed, closely resembling the "breed standard" as written in the UKC Breed Standards. These ideals for the breed are used to pick the winners. Dogs that do not sufficiently represent the breed will not get ribbons or points and are considered "without merit." You can be more assured that if you want a dog that looks like an Alaskan Klee Kai, you will get a dog that looks like a Alaskan Klee Kai if it comes from a show dog breeder. Papers do not promise anything but pureness. A dog bred for generations to be only pure and nothing else, may not have many of the qualities that characterizes the breed. The United Kennel Club holds the registry for many breeds. You will find breed standards listed on their page www.ukcdogs.com as well as most breeders web pages.  A brief history and purpose of the breed is given as well as the "breed standard" also called "standard of perfection" for each breed of UKC dog. Here you can read about what a dog show judge is looking for as the ideal specimen of that breed. No dog in the world is perfect, but breeders should use these guidelines in hopes of getting as close as possible.  

There are fads among show as well as pet breeders, that result in extremes.  The overly flat face was a fad several years ago in Persian cats. The cats had health problems as a result. Since then we understand the show breeders have become more moderate and have healthier cats. 

There are people who wish to breed outside the breed standards, and register these dogs, even if they have breed quality disqualifications at birth.  Although they may seem like nice people, and they may have some high quality dogs, or well behaved dogs, you should still use care when purchasing from them.  

Sometimes breeders can reflect the fad or fashion of the day instead of following breed standards.  We try to avoid that and follow current breed standards instead of trying to get the standards loosened to meet what we are breeding. 

We do transport puppies but not by postal service. 
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